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Batik Canting Asih 5n3vfwhbsekr2957djnq6x8q4h

Sale priceRp 1.100.000

Bahan: Kain Katun Primissima Sen

Asal: Tulungagung, Jawa Timur

Ukuran: 230 x 105 cm

Keterangan pengrajin: The Process of making a white cloth cut according to the size of the desired, then made a picture or motif desired by wearinf pencils, the through the proses off canting wearing night ( sap resir), then in proses  color appropriate color desired by wearing the SOL and SOGAN, getting treatment batik the wash batik don't wear detergents, do not soaked too long, don't wear a wasing machine, the drying do not exposed to the sun directly, the hallmark of batik hand without a combination of other the motive is not al ways symmetrick pattern because the Process of canting manual ( hand), because the proses of canting in a manual, then night can go to the fiber cloth with a maximum of so that proses of color can translucent to fiber fabric more up and can be durable in batik.

Rekomendasi tanpa dijahit: rok pendek, midi, panjang dengan atasan polos

Rekomendasi dijahit: dress, rok, blus, kemeja tangan panjang/pendek, bolero, sarung kebaya.