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Privacy Policy

To ensure smooth service, Engrasia collects data about Users, including names, ages, genders, phone numbers, and email addresses. We use this data to identify Users as those who utilize our services. The type and amount of information collected depend on the services used.

In addition to gathering existing data when creating an account or ordering products, we may require User participation in collecting information, such as through surveys, from time to time. Engrasia also collects anonymous information that shows User behavior when accessing our site so that we can analyze, evaluate, and improve the quality further. Users' personal data is kept confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties without the User's consent, except in certain situations mentioned below.

  • In carrying out its operations, Engrasia collaborates with third parties, especially to facilitate the payment and delivery process of User orders. User data such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, phone numbers, and shipping addresses will be forwarded and used following the policies of those companies. Therefore, Users are advised to read the privacy policies of other companies before providing data. Engrasia is not responsible for losses caused by negligence in checking the privacy policies of partner companies.


  • Engrasia will disclose Users' personal information if necessary or believed to assist in legal processes to protect Engrasia's assets and interests as well as the rights of many individuals who are threatened.


  • If Engrasia becomes part of another organization in any form or manner, the acquiring company has the right to obtain and access User data held by Engrasia. There is a possibility of changes to the privacy policy in this condition, so regular policy reviews are highly recommended.


  • If Engrasia ceases operations, User data may be transferred to another company with similar services and used for its new interests. However, we strive to ensure that Users receive appropriate information in the event of a planned or unplanned transfer of power.


Once again, we urge isers to review this policy page regularly to avoid unwanted issues. This is our notice for your attention.