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Shipping Terms & Conditions

  1. Free shipping for all Indonesia is only applicable to orders with 2 pcs or more
  2. To be shipped on the same day as your order, please make a confirmation for your payment before 3 PM the latest.
  3. Orders after 3 PM will be shipped the next day.
  4. We currently only ship Mondays to Saturdays. No shipping on Sunday.
  5. On average, 3 fabrics amount to 1 KG. Due to different weights and slight variation in shipping fee, the amount printed on the order is the final shipping amount.
  6. We are fully responsible to ensure that your order is shipped using the courier you selected during order process. Our form of responsibility is the airway bill number that is automatically sent to your email from our system after the courier has inputted the number.
  7. After the courier has received your order from us, we are no longer responsible for your order. If there's any problem with the shipment, we will help to contact the courier to expedite the process.