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a story behind engrasia

"Our main hope: improving the welfare of local Indonesian artisans"

behind engrasia

who we are?

Engrasia is a marketplace connecting customers with authentic local crafts at the best prices. Our mission is to uplift Indonesian artisans directly, ensuring fair prices and fostering a thriving artisan community. Celebrate Indonesia's rich heritage and support local talent with us.


Our vision is a prosperous and culturally rich Indonesia where equitable prosperity, sustainable cultural richness, and daily smiles abound. We believe Indonesian local craftsmanship holds the key to this dream, with local artisans leading the way as the nation's heroes. Engrasia serves as a marketplace where artisans connect with customers without fees, ensuring the best prices directly from local artisans across Indonesia. Our commitment is to preserve our culture for a self-sufficient and prosperous Indonesia that requires the participation of all of us.

Empowering Local Artisans

Fair Trade Commitment

  • The best prices for customers as we eliminate middlemen
  • Direct support to local artisans
  • Cultivating a healthy artisan ecosystem in different areas