Engrasia Partner Program
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Batiknya bagus2. Harganya OK. Servisnya OK bang...
- Lily Sumichan, Denpasar (TrustSpot Verified ✓)

Sungguh professional. Kain-kain yang dipesan se...
- Sofia, Malaysia (TrustSpot Verified ✓)

Reliable both quality and the price, as well as...
- Fitri, Jakarta (TrustSpot Verified ✓)

Barang Sesuai gambar. Thanx Engrasia ;) Rating:...
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Saya puas dg kerajinan pembatik Indonesia yg be...
- Natalia Dwi Cahyani, Surabaya (TrustSpot Verified ✓)

Engrasia Partner Program

Indonesian arts hold a prestigious value due to its uniqueness and inherent beauty. When we help crafters sell their products, we do not only obtain monetary benefit, we also help our heritage flourish. 

Become our partner and enjoy additional 5% on top of customers' cashback.

Terms and Conditions

  • We utilize cashback system to distribute better pricing to all Partners. Read this page to understand how our cashback system works and its terms & conditions: https://engrasia.com/pages/cashback
  • All Partners are eligible for special cashback rate on top of normal cashback (we call this "Partner Pricing")
  • Cashback can be used for any subsequent purchases for up to 1 year from the grant date
  • To be eligible, we require all Partners to purchase at least (Minimum Target):
    • 5 pieces batik in the first month
    • 10 pieces batik in the second month
    • 15 pieces batik in the third month
    • 20 pieces batik after the third month
  • Partners who do not meet their Minimum Target will have their Partner Pricing prorated
  • Partners who do not meet their Minimum Target for 3 consecutive months will lose their Partner status and also their right for Partner Pricing
  • Partners who lost their status can re-apply 30 days after the date of revocation
  • Partners who re-apply and are accepted will start at their last Minimum Target
  • All Partners agree to exempt Engrasia from any damage to all goods that have been successfully received by the reseller and have exceeded the return period
  • Our return policy is still applicable to all Partners: (https://engrasia.com/pages/pengembalian-kerajinan-dana). Partners do not hold any special rights above and beyond all users' in this regard.
  • We have the full right to grant and revoke Partner Pricing from any Partners at any time if we deem necessary
  • This terms and conditions may change any time. We will do our best to inform you before the change